“Thank you Greg for speaking out for us hard working people that can’t seem to have a voice that can be heard! Thank you for being our support system…” – Jeanine Dukelow

“Thank you Greg Beros for your vision for our waterfront park” – Keith Montgomery

“Why don’t more politicians do what you do, Greg Beros run for prime minister” – Danny P None-Yo

“Taking care of us as always ..thank you…”- Tina Marinoni De Medeiros

“Very well said Mr. Beros. You are making the difference and truly the councillor who speaks our mind. Thank You.” – Tony Khani

“Glad he actually has the residents of Richmond Hill best interests at heart thank you Greg Beros” – Charity Wenzl Veriniotis

“Thank you very much!! . What you are doing is exceptional…” – Catalina Jaekel


 "Good work Mr Beros. Always thinking of the TAX PAYERS!" - Jim Pourgoutzidis

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