Snow CLearing News and Notices

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 We plow and sand municipal sidewalks during the winter months. We also plow the streets after major snowfalls.

Residents can help staff get this job done by doing the following:

  • Not parking vehicles over or near sidewalks, so the path is clear for snow clearing equipment
  • Not parking on the road during plowing activity
  • Not shovelling snow back onto the road or sidewalks
  • Not placing anything within one meter of a road, curb or sidewalk that can become hidden and cause issues for plow operators
  • Clearing the snow from around fire hydrants to make them accessible in case of an emergency


RHPlows is an online app that allows you to track the snow removal activities in your neighbourhood. 

It shows you where our road and sidewalk plows are working and where they've been. It also provides other important details, like plow-dash cam images and weather data from Environment Canada. 

3 Important steps to ensure proper windrow removal

Local roads and sidewalks

Local roads are maintained by Richmond Hill with the goal of clearing snow within 16 hours after the end of a winter storm. Our services also aim to clear all sidewalks 14 hours after a snowfall. Primary roads are plowed and salted first. These are the streets leading in and out of neighbourhoods. Secondary roads are cleared after the primary roads.

Dead ends and wide bends are cleared within 24 hours after the end of a winter storm. It's important to keep these areas clear, because they can cause problems for other snow removal services.

Major Routes

Major roads, such as Bayview Avenue and Leslie Street, are Regional roads that are maintained by York Region.


You cannot park on the street when the City of Richmond Hill has declared a winter event which is expected to require snow clearing. If your vehicle is parked on the road, you may receive a ticket and have to pay a fine. If your vehicle is in the way of our plows, salters or emergency vehicles, it could be towed. 

When a winter event is declared, temporary on-street parking permits are invalid. During this time, you can park at select City-owned facilities if you cannot arrange alternative off-street parking. Please ensure that the temporary parking permit is displayed clearly on your vehicle’s dash.