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Covid-19 Community Activity

We are inviting all residents to complete this poster, post   it in their window and share a photo of it with us on Twitter (@myRichmondHill) using the hashtag #doingourpart



 Hello, I'm Oak Ridges Councillor Greg Beros.

I’m doing my part and working from home to slow the spread of the Coronavirus.

However, that doesn’t mean City business comes to a stop. On the contrary, I want to assure all residents that Richmond Hill City Council continues to do the work of the municipality. 

No doubt these are trying times, but working together we will get through this. Please do your part. Follow the instructions from our health officials. 

The life you save could be a loved one or close friend.

Above all, if have any questions or need help, give me a call, I am always here to help.

Thank you, have a great day, and stay safe.


April 1st, 2020 – Special Council – Emergency and Time Sensitive

Property Tax and Other Financial Relief 

Moved by: Regional and Local Councillor Perrelli

Seconded by: Councillor Beros

1. That the waiving of Penalties and Interest charges for late payment of taxes be extended to January 1, 2021 to assist those residents/businesses dealing with financial hardship related to the COVID-19 virus, and that residents/businesses who can afford to pay their taxes be strongly encouraged to do so at respective due dates;

2. That the approved Water/Wastewater retail rate increase of 7.5% for 2020 be deferred, subject to the Region deferring their wholesale rate increase;

3. That the waiving of Water/Wastewater late payment charges for overdue accounts, be extended to January 1, 2021;

4. That the approved Storm-water fee rate increase of 7.5% for 2020 be deferred to 2021; and

5. That the City’s Returned Cheque Fee of $45 be waived for the balance of 2020.

Carried (recorded vote 8:1)

3.3      SRCS.20.11 - Suspension of Overnight Parking Restriction Enforcement and the Residential Temporary Parking Permit Program

Moved by:                 Regional and Local Councillor Perrelli

Seconded by:           Councillor Beros

a)        That enforcement associated with Section 3.7 (o) and (p) of the Parking Regulation By-law 402-89, (Municipal Code Section 1116.3.7(o) and 1116.3.7 (p)), being the prohibitions against parking on a highway between the hours of 3 am and 6 am (April to November) or 1 am and 7 am (December to March), be temporarily suspended;

b)        That the residential Temporary Parking Permit program be temporarily cancelled so that residents do not need to obtain a permit to park on streets overnight;

c)         That the Commissioner of Community Services be delegated authority to end the above temporary suspensions as appropriate.

Carried Unanimously (recorded vote 9:0)


To support the Province of Ontario’s efforts to break the chain of transmission of COVID-19, the City of Richmond Hill has declared a State of Local Emergency.

This provides the City more flexibility to take local action to maintain essential services and address this emergency situation.

The health and safety of our residents, visitors and staff remains our top priority. The City of Richmond Hill continues to work closely with our regional, provincial and federal partners. We are following their lead on the precautions necessary to ensure containment and the safety and support of our residents.  

Essential services such as Fire and Emergency Services, roads maintenance and waste collection will continue. 


Parks and trails

All City park amenities are closed. This includes, but is not limited to playgrounds, outdoor exercise equipment, sports fields, dog parks, tennis/basketball courts, community gardens, skate parks, park shelters, tables and benches. Parks and trails remain open for walkthrough and cycling access only. If you are visiting a park or trail, please practice physical distancing, do not use any park amenities and do not congregate in groups.

By-law officers are patrolling the city to ensure compliance. Those continuing to used closed park amenities and/or congregate in groups could receive a $750 ticket.

The Access Richmond Hill Contact Centre is available to respond to general inquiries by email at or by phone at 905-771-8800 during business hours (Monday to Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.). In-person services will not be available until April 6, 2020.

The City has business continuity plans in place to ensure essential City services continue to be delivered.

Cancellations and closures

In support of the efforts of our public health partners and the Province of Ontario to stop the spread of COVID-19, please note the following:

  • All City facilities, including the main Municipal Offices and the Operations Centre are closed to the public until May 31.
  • All City park amenities are closed until May 31.
  • All performances and bookings at the Richmond Hill Centre for the Performing Arts are cancelled until May 31.
  • All City-run and Council festivals and events are cancelled until June 30.
  • All permits for third-party events are also cancelled until June 30 and no new permits will be issued until further notice.
  • All library locations are closed. 

How to protect yourself

The following precautions are recommended to protect yourself from new and emerging diseases as well as the common cold and flu.

  • Wash your hands often with soap and water or alcohol-based hand sanitizer
  • Sneeze and cough into your sleeve
  • Avoid touching your eyes, nose or mouth
  • Avoid contact with people who are sick
  • Stay home if you are sick
  • Increase cleaning and disinfection of high-touch surfaces like toilets, sink tap handles, doorknobs, countertops, etc. using regular household cleaners
  • Avoid sharing toothbrushes, eating utensils drinks/water bottles and towels

Waste collection

  • At this time, garbage, recycling, organics and large appliance collection continue as scheduled.
  • Yard waste collection is delayed until May 19. Please store yard waste on your property (preferably in your garage or shed) until collection begins.
  • Garbage tags are not available for purchase while our facilities are closed. As a result, the garbage limit has been increased from 3 items to 6 during this time.
  • Sales and exchanges of green bins and blue boxes are suspended until further notice.

York Region Public Waste Depots

  • Effective Friday, March 27, York Region’s Public Waste Depots are only accepting garbage and Household Hazardous Waste (HHW) at their respective sites. In addition, to protect customers and staff, the depots are no longer accepting cash until further notice. Debit, MasterCard and Visa continue to be accepted. Please visit for more information.

Waste collection safety guidelines

To help keep our residents and contracted waste collection staff safe, please:

  • Continue to carefully bag and tie all garbage and green bin materials in plastic bags.
  • Dispose of masks, gloves, wipes and other hygiene products in the garbage, not the blue box. If these items are found in the blue box, your recycling will not be collected. 
  • Do not flush any wipes down the toilet. Sewer blockages can occur.
  • If someone in your home is ill, place all items they use in the garbage, not the blue box or green bin
  • Wash your hands before and after handling waste and waste containers. Regularly clean your containers using soap and water.
  • Support our collection staff by keeping the required 2 meter physical distancing.