pavement and drainage improvements

Stay Updated.



* Significant efforts have been made to maintain Bethesda Road over the course of this past summer. 

* In order to improve the drainage, Bethesda Road was re-ditched on both sides of the road from Leslie to the 404. 

* Three culverts were removed and replaced to allow for better cross flow. This work was completed in August. 

* In order to improve the ride-ability of the road, it was regraded and calcium was placed. 

* We are also planning to asphalt the approaches to the CN crossing prior to the end of October 2019, weather permitting. 

* Staff are in the midst of meeting with CN Rail to coordinate this work. These measures should improve the stability of the roadway. However we will continue to monitor it on an ongoing basis and will re-blade any potholes as they arise.

* Based on the approved 2019 Capital budget, it is anticipated that Bethesda Road between Anchusa Drive and Leslie Street will be re-constructed by 2021. 

We ask for your continued patience as we work towards meeting this project schedule.